Our most popular Traditional Services

GOMATHA Puja in House Warming Ceremony
Price varies
  • ★Hindu Shastra says Gomatha (Cow with calf) Puja removes Poverty, Sins & Enemies. Gho puja to the holy cow gives health, wealth and comfort. Its benefits also include child for childless couple and removes the deadliest sins ever committed.
Temple Visiting
Price varies
  • ★Gomatha (Cow with calf) worship for Homam, Abishegam and Pradosha Puja
PONGAL Celebration at Community Centre
Price varies
  • ★Residents of various communities may come together to celebrate Pongal by participating in the festivities and performances
Pitra Dosha / Pitru Paksha Cattle Feed
  • ★ Feeding Cow relieves one from Pitra Dosha / Pitru Paksha and removes hardships in life
  • ★ Price given is for one person
  • ★ Can feed grass or aggathikerai to Cow
Special Event
  • ★ Can offer Rock Salt for Cow and Calf to bring Success in all aspects of one


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